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In the beginning, there was curiosity, which gave birth to inquisitiveness. The insatiable desire to know what lies behind, to visualize the unseen... Here's a sneak peek at some of my Ideas!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Need a partner...

Ad designed for creative hot-shop in Delhi.

Whats the Idea ?

Before I landed up with a job in Ogilvy Dubai, done this work as a cunsultant ...


Nataraj is India's leading photo album manufacturer and was my direct client, for whom we really enjoyed producing 360 D. work.

Turning land in to land marks !

The Agency won the pitch on creatives... last it for other reasons !!

Save children...

The campaign targeting parents and the children, who are vulnerable to real mean world of internet and the society they are living in.

Life beyond acadamics...

The Campaign targeted to young parents who’s after their
children for high percentage of marks.
Instead of recognizing what's their natural talent.